01 March, 2022

we are completely suspending our work for the duration of the war

Dear partners, we regret to inform you that we are completely suspending our work for the duration of the war. Most of our employees are in Ukraine, some are in the army, and the rest are volunteers. Our cities are under fire. We will return to work after the war, and may God help us!

01 December, 2021

Zero comission for Paypal payments

We are pleased to inform you we no longer charge a 5% commission on Paypal payments. Only the Paypal internal transfer fee remains.

01 September, 2021

Unfortunately, we are forced to apply a fee on payments in webmoney (WMZ)

Dear partners! Due to the tense situation around the russian system Webmoney (WMZ), we are forced to introduce a 3% withdrawal fee to this system. We hope for your understanding. Please do not forget that there are many other payment systems where we can withdraw your income.

29 December, 2020

CamsAds got "Best affiliate program of the year" award.

CamsAds got "Best affiliate program of the year" award on famous Master-X Awards 2020.
This is the second time in a row that our affiliate program has won this award, and we are happy that our webmasters have chosen us.

27 October, 2020

Update of our affiliate platform.

We set the system time back to 2 hours to match the 0 time zone (UTC +0).
All statistics have been moved back by 2 hours, but nothing has been lost.

16 June, 2020

Update of our affiliate platform.

Huge number of changes.
If you have any questions, please contact your personal manager.

23 March, 2020

New exclusive offer 'Porn Cams Online' added

Dear affiliates!
We happy to introduce you a new offer with highest payouts in webcam industry: Porn Cams Online SOI
Some rates for example:

Country Desktop rate Moblie rate
Norway 4.90 3.20
Switzerland 4.90 3.20
United Kingdom 4.30 1.05
United States 4.30 2.10
Sweden 4.30 1.55
Australia 3.80 1.85
Denmark 3.80 2.10
Austria 3.20 1.85
Belgium 3.20 0.50
Germany 3.20 1.05
Canada 3.20 1.05
The Czech Republic 3.20 1.05
Estonia 3.20 1.05
Israel 2.70 1.55
Finland 2.70 1.05
France 2.70 1.55
Italy 2.10 1.05
The Netherlands 2.10 0.50
New Zealand 2.10 -
Slovakia 2.10 1.55
Russia 1.80 0.85
Japan 1.80 0.50
Ireland 1.60 1.05
Slovenia 1.60 1.55
Greenland - 1.05
Liechtenstein - 1.55
Monaco - 1.05

Kindly contact your manager for details.

1 March, 2020

Fixed commission of 1.5% for withdrawing funds in cryptocurrency

Dear affiliates!
We would like to inform you that starting 01.03.2020, a commission of 1.5% of the payment amount will be charged when withdrawing funds in cryptocurrency.
If you have any questions or would like to change your current payment method, please contact your manager.

10 Feb, 2020

Payments via ePayments system are unavailable.

Dear affiliates!
We must inform you that transactions via ePayments system are unavailable.
If you want to receive your payments on time, we strongly recommend that you use any other payment method: WebMoney, Paxum or cryptocurrency.